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Consequences of using my well water to fill a swimming pool?

The warm season is here and it’s time to fill up your pool. You’ve left the water on for hours and now the pool is full, but the water inside your home is starting to turn brown. Several factors go into whether or not your well has the capacity of handing filling a swimming pool. […]

Why you should always hire a licensed professional to conduct well maintenance

It’s always best to use a water well system professional licensed or registered to conduct well maintenance. You may end up saving yourself lots of money in unnecessary repairs down the road. Well owners shouldn’t attempt to perform such maintenance. Those who do, risk damaging the well water system or injuring themselves. Even many professional plumbers […]

Best ways to prevent pesticide contamination in well water

One of the most important things a well owner can do is regularly test their water supply to assure the health and safety of your family. While the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulates and monitors many drinking water contaminants, some pesticides are not regulated. Since many of us use pesticides to maintain our lawns and […]

What to do about brown well water after a heavy rain

It has rained for days, and your yard is soaked with standing water everywhere. You turn on the faucet indoors only to find the water coming out is brown. You shouldn’t dismiss it as simply “cloudy water” caused by the rain. Anytime your water turns colors or tastes different, you need to take it seriously. […]

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