Quality Drilling Services At Affordable Prices

Bedford Well Drilling & Pump Company has been providing Virginians residential and commercial well drilling services since 1983. Our prompt, courteous service and excellent workmanship have made us a trusted name in the groundwater industry. We pride ourselves on designing and constructing water systems for your home or business.

Household & Commercial Wells

Bedford Well Drilling & Pump Company will take you step-by-step through the process of site selection and acquiring the proper permits, to drilling and installing just the right pump.

Agriculture & Irrigation Wells

We provide you with a well & pumping system to deliver fresh, clean water to your livestock as well as irrigation system. Our goal is to assure your well produces high-volume, consistant flow during peak demand.

Municipal & Industrial Wells

We are experienced in drilling municipal and industrial wells meant to support high-demand and high-quality water. We work with engineers to assure municipal wells exceed every standard.

Monitoring & Testing

Our environmental drilling division obtains water quality samples from landfills, gas stations and other sources of possible groundwater contamination.

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